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Workforce Enablement

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Workforce Enablement

Workforce enablement and smart buildings go hand-in-hand. Smart buildings are intelligent, engaging and designed to help educate users. As employees step off the elevator, kiosks or touch screens should be front-and-center - welcoming them to the building and providing them with directions. Where should they sit today? With a quick glance employees can see what's free/busy right now. Looking for a co-worker? Employees can punch a name in the kiosk or mobile app to see where their coworker is sitting today. With Serraview's workforce enablement solutions, space management, IoT, mobile devices, kiosks and calendaring are all brought together to enable frustration free, just-in-time space availability.

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Workforce Enablement Features

Our workforce enablement solutions are designed to anticipate your current and future workplace needs.

Real Time Presence Tracking

Identify where people are.

Desk Availability

Find all available workstations.

Calendar Integration

Book rooms in Outlook or GCal.

Room Availability

Show employees free meeting rooms.

Smart Buildings

Direct employees through your space.

Mobile App

Guide employees with their phones.

Workforce Enablement

As people move throughout your space, presense data is pulled into Serraview in real-time from a variety of sources, including PC activity, Wi-Fi networks, sensors and beacons. This data is combined within the Serraview App, along with booking data from calendaring tools like Outlook and G-Cal, to provide a 360 degree view of the space, helping employees to find their way around, find co-workers and available resources like conference rooms.

Smart Building Insights

At the same time, this presence data is fed into the Serraview database for reporting and analysis on space utilization. By combining it with what we already know about people, teams, neighborhoods and workspaces we can transform millions of rows of data into business intelligence to optimize how your space works for your people.

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