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Serraview Insights

Drive Intelligent, Data-Driven Decisions

Make smarter decisions with the most sophisticated and comprehensive workplace analytics platform available. Serraview Insights analyzes your portfolio and uses industry best practices, metrics, and benchmarks to help optimize your workplaces. Gain the power to address challenges and execute intelligent solutions via configurable dashboards and intuitive visualizations.

Strengthen Your COVID-19 Response

Access COVID-19 data sets and unique dashboards for data-driven, proactive responses to the global health emergency. Reports include:

  • Regional Awareness Dashboards
  • Daily Cases Dashboard – U.S. and Australia
  • Safe Spacing & Employee Locations Dashboards
  • Employee Locations and COVID-19 Case Statistics Dashboard

Capture Trends and Historical Data

Leverage workplace data and historical trends—updated daily—to optimize your business operations.

  • Utilization history by hour, day, month
  • Meeting room use
  • Desk bookings
  • Organizational unit assignment changes over time
  • Workplace allocation history

Customize Your Dashboards

Unlock Insights data to create and share user-specific dashboards that empower better decision making.
  • Filter by geography, organization unit/team, date
  • Add new columns
  • Use pivot tables
  • Modify visualizations with line charts, columns, pie, scatterplots, etc.
  • Add custom calculations to data tables

Connect IT Teams to Insights Data

Provide IT departments direct connections to the Insights data warehouse via an encrypted ODBC link. Empower techs with analytics tools including:

  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Custom API

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