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Case Study: Telstra Streamlines Space and Move Management with Serraview Solutions

Telstra maximised their real estate utilisation, streamlined their move process and saved millions.

Ian Morely

By Ian Morley

Executive Summary

  • 51 commercial sites
  • 448,000 sqm
  • 39,000 staff
  • 25 cities
  • 7 states
  • 1 platform
  • Increased strategic roles
  • Actual space utilisation
  • Efficient relocation management 
  • 1.6M annual savings

Telstra recognised they had the scope to better utilise their property portfolio, reduce real-estate costs, and manage moves more effectively in order to increase their bottom line. They decided to invest in the Serraview Strategic Property Management System to ensure they had the information, processes and tools required to make informed, responsive and effective decisions.

The Serraview Move Management tools provide Telstra with an end-to-end solution to manage their moves, and the Accommodation Management Module enables Telstra to share information across multiple departments and service providers.

The system provides Telstra with true visibility of occupancy management and moves, allowing them to easily identify types of vacancies and their associated locations. The solution automates processes to increase efficiency, allows the organisation to make accurate future projections of requirements, and can save substantial amounts of money.

Client Overview

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, and one of the best-known brands in the country. Telstra offers a full range of services and competes in all telecommunications markets throughout Australia, providing more than 8.3 million Australian fixed lines and 12.2 million mobile services.

Telstra’s main activities include the provision of basic access services to homes and businesses, mobile telecommunications services, broadband access and content, and a comprehensive range of data and Internet services (including those provided through Telstra BigPond®, Australia’s leading Internet service provider). Telstra also manage business customers’ ITC services, provide wholesale services to other carriers and ISPs, and offer advertising, search, information and cable distribution services for FOXTEL’s® cable subscription television services. Telstra’s international businesses include Telstra International, headquartered in Hong Kong, CSL, Hong Kong’s leading mobile network operator and search and advertising businesses in China.

Business Challenges

With a commercial portfolio of 51 sites with approximately 448,000 square meters and manual systems to manage accommodation, Telstra wanted to be more strategic and optimise space utilisation. As with most large organisations, time-consuming audit processes using floor walks and Excel spreadsheets took months to complete, and required continual accuracy updates because of the constant people moves.

Telstra realised they wanted a more effective way to strategically forecast their future space requirements. They wanted faster move planning processes with minimised errors and reworks as communication with many different internal and external stakeholders can be time consuming and complex. In addition they required tools to quickly draft future building stacks based on the state of their portfolio. Telstra wanted to ensure they were maximizing utilisation of office space and they required the enhanced data accuracy and currency to achieve this.


Telstra began deploying the Serraview solution to solve to improve its data accuracy. They saw the solution as a potent tool that allowed them to gain a powerful new insight into their portfolio. This ensured they achieved a maximum reduction in property costs, and also streamlined their move processes.

Automatic utilisation tracking uses a combination of network activity and occupancy detection information, and provides Telstra with a reliable view of actual utilisation. This feeds into business unit validation processes, and provides an efficient channel for the property team to engage directly with the business unit.

Regular dashboard reporting to the business is employed to provide valuable, reliable data on key metrics, such as cost per person and utilization. This assists with improved executive buy-in to strategy and planning. Business units are accountable and charged for their occupancy costs. Each business is responsible for their occupancy needs, and works with the property team to accurately forecast their future occupancy requirements.

Move planning has been transformed and has achieved significant time and cost savings. Now, key move information is collected via on-line data collection processes. Telstra can quickly draft future building stack scenarios and communicate these with all stakeholders.

Derived Value

Though implementations of the Serraview solution is still in its early phases, Telstra has already recognised significant benefits.

By January 2012, annual accommodation spend had been reduced by over $1.6M. The Serraview solution has helped improve utilisation of space and greatly enhanced Telstra’s ability to forecast future usage requirements. Through capturing actual space utilisation and clarifying vacancy costs, Telstra is now able to analyse exactly how individual workspaces are being used, and uncover inefficiencies and cost-saving opportunities. The success of this process is evidenced by Telstra’s recent exit of a whole underutilized building – saving them $1.6M per year.

Roles have become more strategic. Previously, Telstra had a number of people continuously auditing accommodation utilisation. The whole team are now performing more strategic activities. In areas where the Serraview system implementation has been completed, the process is automated and the data is updated regularly and accurately.

Proactive has replaced reactive. Improved visibility of more accurate portfolio data gives Telstra immediate access to space and employee information. They can now quickly provide critical data to executives and other departments. Powerful visual reports are easily interpreted and actionable and include pre-defined views of commonly needed information. This allows the Telstra Property Department to talk about proactive strategy with increased authority.

Move management is more efficient. Telstra can quickly draft future building stack scenarios along with their associated costs, based on the current state of their portfolio. Collaboration and communication with all stakeholders is now simple and effective. Once approved, move plans are quickly transformed into phased move projects with strong change control procedures. 

Moving Forward

With implementation still in progress, the system currently manages buildings all over Australia. Plans are in place to add all Australian and international office spaces in 2012 – 2013. Telstra has been pleased with the proactive customer service provided by Serraview, specifically their “can do” attitude when integrating their solution with a wide variety of existing network systems.

"Our accommodation audits were like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge: as soon as our team had finished, we needed to start again! Though we are only in the first phase of implementing the Serraview solution, we can now plan proactively and strategically. We can identify early opportunities for better space utilisation and cost savings."

Craig Armstrong, Finance & Reporting Manager 




Underutilised building released


Annual savings on accommodation

Release underutilized space

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