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Creating Corporate Real Estate Reports

Our proprietary Report Builder tool makes
tailoring custom reports a breeze.

Ian Morely

By Ian Morley

Even with well-designed and useful space management reports, there will be times when you’d like to tweak those reports to better suit the needs of your business. Luckily, Serraview’s Customer Support team has access to our proprietary Report Builder tool that makes creating/tailoring custom reports designed to support Corporate Real Estate a breeze. Oona McManus demonstrates doing so with both table-style and graphical reports.

Hi, I’m Oona McManus, Account Manager at Serraview, and a question I get asked often by my clients is:

“You know, I love the reports in Serraview, but sometimes I wish things were just a little bit different. Is there any way of creating custom reports just for me?”

The answer is, absolutely!

We have a very robust Report Building tool in Serraview that allows you to easily make changes to the reports. Now I’m going to show you just how easy creating custom reports is.

Here’s a sample report we can take a look at.

This is a simple building stack. I’ve got columns for Building name, Floor name, Team name, and Total Capacity, or the total number of workpoints that are assigned to that team.

This is a good basic report, but let’s say I’ve got a request from the business that they want a little more detail in this report.

They’d like to know, how many of these total workpoints are occupied, and how many are unoccupied?

Creating custom reports like this is easy to do in Report Builder. I’ll go into my report and double-click on the table that I’m working with.

I can see the columns I already have, then I can simply click here to add a new column.

I’ll type in the information I want to see. So I’ll add one column for Occupied Workpoints, and another for Unoccupied Workpoints.

Then I can launch the customized report to see what it looks like now. I’ve got the same report, but with the two new columns for Occupied and Unoccupied Workpoints.

Now the Business Unit has one more request. They want to see, out of the total workpoints, how many are offices and how many are cubicles.

Adding this information is easy in Serraview’s tool for custom reports.

Again, I go to Report Builder and go to my table. I can add a column for Offices, and another for Workstations. And you can see that the two together add up to the Total Capacity.

Once again, I can launch my custom report to see the finished version with all of my new columns.

What if the business comes back to me and says, “It’s great to see this information in table form, but can I visualize these desks and offices on a floor plan?”

That’s no problem, I can do that with Serraview’s custom reports tool, too.

This is what I come up with: a nice graphical floor plan with the offices and workstations on the floor highlighted in different colors.

When I zoom in on a portion of that floor, I can see the name labels as well: the name of the person sitting at that desk or in that office.

So there you have the same information in Excel format and also visualized on a floor plan.

Obviously that’s a very simple report, but we can put together more information like that and create a very sophisticated report as well.

Let me show you an example of one of our more sophisticated custom reports.

Here you can see a Market Summary. It’s got a list of buildings, and some key metrics about those buildings. And you can see what lines of business sit in those buildings.

The report shows a graphical demonstration, too. You can see a space allocation breakdown, space utilization, and additional tabs showing top Occupied and Unoccupied, etc.

I hope that was a helpful demonstration of creating custom reports in Serraview.

If you do have any questions, please send us a message on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter using the hashtag: #AskSerraview.

Thanks for watching!

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