Our Story

Serraview was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2006 by Alex Birch, Stephen Macnee and Ian Morley. While working with the National Australia Bank’s real estate team our co-founders identified a need for a simple and intuitive enterprise platform for managing and optimizing corporate real estate.

In 2018, Serraview and Archibus were combined under the JMI Equity portfolio to create a market-leading real estate and workplace management platform.

In 2020, SpaceIQ was welcomed into the fold. The leadership realized the combined brands needed a new name to accurately reflect the true power of the global workplace management technology business. They chose SpaceIQ and renamed the original SpaceIQ product SiQ to avoid confusion.

Serraview, a SpaceIQ Product, continues to build intelligent, category-leading solutions. Learn more.


We’re inspired by progress, motivated to be a market disruptor, and driven to offer solutions that create new value.


We say what we mean and deliver what we promise. We encourage our employees to act transparently and take responsibility.


Everything we do stems from our vision for a better tomorrow—continuously guiding and shaping the business category we created.


Our inspiration created the IWMS category and countless other industry firsts. Our dedication turned us into a global enterprise.


We operate with the conviction that the best and quickest way to succeed is by helping those around us to succeed.

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