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More than half of office space is wasted at any given moment. Serraview software empowers you to manage space in one system, with the industry’s most intuitive workplace solutions for right-sizing real estate, tracking real-time space utilization, and connecting employees to an agile experience.

Intuitive software, powerful insight

    Boost workplace efficiency through space planning

    Business units continually ask for more space, yet we know 51% of desks go underutilized at any one time. Our space planning solution combines data about your organization and your utilization of space to pinpoint opportunities for cost-savings.

    Whether that's swapping unused desks for activity based areas or moving teams to enable better collaboration, Serraview is built to maximize your space performance.


    Track utilization for continuous improvement

    Do you know how your employees are using their space? Or which areas have the heaviest traffic and why?

    Utilization data is layered into our solutions to help you uncover how your employees are interacting with your workplace. As a result, you have an accurate picture of both planned and actual activity.


    Empower employees with smart environments

    Workforce enablement and smart buildings go hand-in-hand. As employees move throughout your space, presence data is collected from sources like PC activity, Wi-Fi networks, and sensors.

    This data is combined within the Serraview App to help employees find their way around, find each other and find available resources like conference rooms.

James Franklin | Chief Customer Officer

James Franklin

Chief Customer Officer

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May 5, 2020 | 1:00 PM ET

“Serraview's powerful space solutions have handed proactive engagement back to the business"

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