Drive Decision-Making with Dynamic Reporting

Analyzing data is only the starting point; putting it to work is critical. Serraview Insights removes the effort and builds intuitive, easy-to-read reports. Identify specific opportunities to save money, make connections between trends, and workplace growth and gain total oversight of your space. You can even keep property teams updated by creating and scheduling monthly reports showing occupancy, vacancy, or any other important metric you’re tracking.

Craft New Strategies a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid workplaces are always evolving, adapting to the needs of the people using them. With Serraview Insights, you’re empowered to monitor and respond to what’s happening at each of your locations, in real-time. Gauge employee demand to return to the office, plan space accordingly, and take a proactive approach to accommodate everyone. If there’s ever a health situation, you’ll have the means to perform detailed contact tracing for risk mitigation.

Integrate with Essential Data Sources

Serraview Insights takes the best data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) technologies on the market (Snowflake and Looker) and combines them with proprietary software to make the ultimate corporate real estate analytics platform. Bring together all your workplace data into a single source of truth and reap the benefits of informed decision-making with a full breadth of data behind you.

Support a Workplace That’s Growing Smarter

Serraview Insights is the best and easiest way for workplace information to flow into your existing data lake. Gain a holistic view of your entire organization by tapping utilization data from Insights and combining it with HR, financial, and other sources that feed your company’s analytics.

Reimagine Your Workplace™

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