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Multi-Phased Moves
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Easy Move Management Solutions

The logistics around planning an office or workplace move is already complicated—let alone keeping it all straight. Make relocations a breeze with easy-to-use software that unifies planning of all of your moves.

Move Orders

Track who is moving where and what assets stay with each workstation. View reporting on the status of each individual or group move, then mark them all complete or one by one. 

Employee & Vendor Move Notifications

Simplify employee and vendor move notifications with software that auto generates emails to each involved party. Make it even better by including important move information directly in the email.

Drag-and-Drop Moves

Did Bob move to the desk by the window or did Sales shuffle their desks? With our easy drag-and-drop functionality, keep workspace configurations up to date by quickly adjusting your system’s floor plans to match reality.

Bulk Upload Move Order

Moving hundreds of people or an entire building? Our bulk upload feature allows you to easily add new move plans to your system.

Multi-Phased (Multi-Step) Moves

Moving one team into an empty building takes work. Imagine relocating multiple teams to several floors and buildings at the same time. Manage multi-phased or location moves in a single platform and kiss those spreadsheets goodbye.

Automated Move Updates

With our intuitive move management software, floor plans automatically update once your relocations are complete.

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