Scenario Planning

Serraview provides space planners with the best seating configurations or stacks of buildings and campuses by department or team.

Get big-picture insights for smarter automated stack planning.

  • High-level, current views of every floor, department, and team
  • Drag-and-drop entire departments and teams from one floor—or building—to another
  • Accommodate for forecasted growth
  • Create and compare unlimited stack plans using live data from across your enterprise systems

Serraview Visual Block and Stack

Serraview’s Visual Block and Stack leverages live data within the platform to help you plan your space and evaluate millions of possible configurations in seconds—not days or weeks.

  • Stack single buildings, entire campuses, or global portfolios
  • Flow real estate forecasts and projections into future stack plans; then flow that information into your move management system
  • Identify poorly utilized space
  • Bulk update teams to shift to a flexible Activity Based Working (ABW) environment.

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