Innovation, culture, and employee experience all start in the workplace. Likewise, organizations around the globe have evolved their approach to workplace design and management so that no two are the same. How does your workplace drive innovation, align with your culture, and enhance the employee experience?

Serraview provides the sophistication and flexibility to not only manage your space, but to optimize it for excellence—no matter what industry you’re in.


From local banks with a few branches to institutions with thousands of locations nationwide, real estate management is a top priority for financial firms. We provide support tools for portfolio oversight, GIS-specific location insights, lease administration, and more, to give finance companies the decision-making power they need to serve stakeholders.


Insurance companies exemplify the flex work philosophy, with agents at home, in-office, and in the field. We help unify the resources and experience for every adjustor, agent, underwriter, and rep, so they can collaborate seamlessly. The result is faster claims processing and a better experience for policyholders, rooted in better decentralized workplace management.


Every dollar matters for biotechs, which makes facility optimization a top priority. We help biotechs orchestrate a cohesive lab environment, optimize office space, oversee lease information, and coordinate materials handling. The result is a safe and productive environment that’s run with efficiency, forethought, and transparency.


From the largest corporate campuses to startup facilities and coworking spaces, no two businesses operate the same. We help you create the environment your employees need to work productively, while keeping overhead low and space agile. Any corporate business can find valuable insights in our dashboards, reports, and plan planning tools.


Tech companies are always on the cutting edge. We help them set the curve with workplace design and desking concepts. Rely on floor plan design and iteration tools, hoteling and hot desk infrastructure, room booking software, employee directory integration, and more. Support in-house staff, remote workers, flex work, and decentralized teams—all in perfect harmony.

Local Council

Workplace transformation is becoming a go-to strategy for local governments that want to right-size their space and create better employee and customer centric experiences. Many local councils rely on Serraview to help them turn their transformation vision into a reality. Get the building intelligence you need to maximize local council facilities and meet demand.


It’s important for universities to create environments that inspire. Most universities have an IWMS to manage facilities, assets, and maintenance. But when it comes to understanding opportunities and identifying bottlenecks, they require a more robust space planning system. Serraview meets this need, so you can meet optimization objectives across campus.

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