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Serraview is an industry-leading software solution for companies, who, want to improve their workplace productivity and gain full insights into space utilization, improve employee engagement, and take advantage of cost-saving opportunities. Our sophisticated set of tools and dashboards are designed to optimize space, unlock data, and improve workflow for large organizations worldwide.

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Be Ready for Anything

Respond to change with confidence. Serraview provides accurate data, all in one place, so you can evaluate situations in real-time and measure the impact of multiple scenarios.
  • Realign space with supply/demand
  • Support flexible, agile spaces

Plan for the Future, Now

Optimize your planning efforts and see exactly how different scenarios will impact spaces, teams, neighborhoods, and more. Easily create multiple scenarios, assess the best course of action, and automatically convert your ideal scenario into a move project when the time is right.
  • Visualize options in minutes, not weeks
  • Identify opportunities and constraints

Control Real Estate Costs

Understand exactly how your portfolio is used and how
much space you need, so you can shed wasted space while meeting everyone’s needs. Target underused space with real-time utilization data.
  • Eliminate wasted space
  • Increase real estate capacity

Create a Better Workplace Experience

Plan a bold workplace that boosts productivity and attracts and retains talent. Implement a hybrid workplace strategy and empower employees with the tools they need to reserve space, resources, locate their co-workers, and more.
  • Synchronize room bookings
  • Enhance workplace service

Reimagine Your Workplace™

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