No More Assumptions

Take the guesswork out of important decisions. Since it leverages your existing wired and Wi-Fi infrastructure, SVLive data provides location accuracy so your utilisation and occupancy data is uber-specific, right down to the desk level. This data feeds right into your Serraview platform giving you the visibility you need to make evidence-based decisions about optimising your space, managing moves, and more.

Right-Size Your Space

Badge swipe data shows how many people are in the office, but SVLive gets a lot more granular. See how often people are collaborating with others and utilising the spaces in the office.

SVLive provides visibility to understand how your space is being used so you can find the right balance between releasing unnecessary space and providing a workplace where employees can be productive, collaborative, and engaged.

Supercharge Your Insights Data

Serraview Insights already turns your data into actionable dashboards, but when powered with data from SVLive, your dashboards and analytics are taken to a whole new level.  See trends in peak utilisation, at-home vs. in-office occupancy, and more, or get the data you need now, in real-time.

Build Stronger Business Cases

Historically, CRE teams have been challenged proving business cases because their data wasn’t always accurate or up-to-date. Using validated utilisation data from SVLive gives you precise metrics to determine whether you should transition to an activity-based workspace, evaluate different move scenarios, or consider expanding your real estate footprint.

Reimagine Your Workplace™

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