Executive Summary

  • 20,000+ staff
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Simplified PRODAC compliance
  • Transparent & empowered space planning
  • Detailed audit tracking
  • CFO support
  • Smaller footprint & efficiency dividends with 0 loss of headcount

Serraview’s tools have enabled this large government department to implement significant efficiencies in line with the Australian Government’s Property Data Collection (PRODAC) requirements, move to a smaller footprint and deliver meaningful efficiency dividends without an impact on headcount. In the process this has increased the property team’s capability, responsiveness and profile.

The department recognised the need for a centralised portal for their workplace information.

Specifically, they wanted to provide improved management and visibility of their accommodation data and processes, transparency over service requests, reduce the risk of information loss, and support the relocation process.

Serraview’s proactive and personalised service led to an impressive implementation. In consultation with the agency, they pinpointed key requirements and rapidly produced appropriate solutions.

Streamlined processes have improved the turnaround times for property requests.

Records management has been transformed, and the system now provides Australia-wide visibility of outstanding and delayed action items. This has greatly reduced complaints and revealed hidden issues. Furthermore, Serraview’s move planning tools have enabled the department to effectively plan relocations and consolidations. These combined factors have saved the department a significant amount of time and money.

Australian Government Standards 

The Australian Government’s PRODAC data collection and reporting requirements were established in 2009 to help agencies identify better practices, progressively improve the management and use of office space and inform whole-of-government property policy.

Apart from providing leasing information, the standard requires agencies to manually conduct an audit of workpoint utilisation based on its common definitions on an annual basis. 

“The process efficiencies and improved utilisation we have achieved reflect our more sophisticated approach to workplace management. We can now facilitate constructive conversations and take a more strategic approach to property management and change planning.” – Director of Property 

Business Challenges

With over 20,000 employees, 550 property requests a year (involving over 4,800 people) and a whole-of-government mandate to deliver a minimum 4% efficiency dividend in FY 2013, this government department needed better ways to manage high business-as-usual workpoint changes, reduce manual administrative tasks and significantly reduce workplace costs.

To begin, there was an urgent need to replace ad-hoc manual processes with more automated methods integrated with IT systems. Priorities were to automate processes, enhance the audit trail, improve records management, and introduce change reporting to track accommodation space metrics and analytics – all to streamline existing processes, freeing the property team to focus on delivering strategic benefits.

Space allocation changes were previously undertaken using A3 paper floor plans and highlighter pens. The agency needed a way to efficiently collaborate with stakeholders all over the country and proactively plan move scenarios, consolidate their portfolio and in doing so move to
a smaller footprint, delivering on the required cost savings (efficiency dividends).

Solutions, Service & Information

Serraview’s Professional Services Team were keen to understand the business. They were transparent and proactively engaged during implementation. Serraview’s software solution placed the necessary portfolio information at the agency’s fingertips, via a clear, user friendly interface.

Key benefits included:

  • Increased efficiency, due to the automation of manual processes
  • Clear, national visibility of work
  • Transparent records management
  • Centralised information on service requests and approvals
  • Reduced risk of information loss; and
  • Enhanced space management and planning

“Serraview’s service is hands on, fast and innovative. Serraview develop and customise their tools to include innovations that assist us to meet our needs. For example, Serraview were very helpful during implementation in assisting the agency to overcome challenges around government security compliance.” – Director of Property

Derived Value

The department enjoys significant operational benefits as a result of implementing Serraview’s solution.

These include:

The CFO was impressed with the capability of the system and set a deadline for the property team to implement the service request module.

Electronic Audit Tracking – The agency now has a formalised property management process which is integrated with their IT systems. This creates a proper audit trail and provides the traceability required for Financial Management. 

“Internal and external auditors look at Financial Management – including the review of processes and data that must be retained to present at their request. Serraview’s tool provides us with much of this required data.” – Business Analyst Strategy and Reporting Team

Simplified PRODAC Reporting – Users have been delighted that data collection and reporting has been simplified and streamlined with Serraview’s tools.

“We were previously manually producing a PRODAC report, required for compliance – this involved collating around 60 spreadsheets. We will do this with the click of a button in the future. This is a huge time saving.” – Business Analyst Strategy and Reporting Team

Workplace Space Planning is Efficient and Transparent – Move planning is now far more efficient. The Serraview tool allows drag and drop, virtual restacking and removes guesswork and reactivity from substantial moves.

Improved Property Department Reputation – With greater efficiencies and better space utilisation, the property team manage more professionally. This has facilitated improved conversations around strategic property management and move planning.

Consolidation and Efficiency Dividends – The Serraview solution has helped the agency to achieve increased occupancy density, move to a smaller footprint and deliver significant efficiency dividends. 

Moving Forward 

The agency is currently looking at additional Serraview modules to further improve their efficiency. In particular, the BOS move module is of interest to reduce the ongoing need for spread sheets and arduous data collection during relocations.