SUMMARY: Serraview, a leading workplace management solutions provider, announces a partnership with Beco, a spatial analytics solutions provider. 

NEW YORK, NY and Boston, MA—March 16, 2017— Serraview, a leading third-generation workplace management solutions provider, announced a partnership with Beco, a spatial analytics solutions provider, to enable dynamic corporate office space planning and enhanced employee experience. Companies can reduce costs by optimizing their property portfolio while providing productivity tools for the workforce.

“Our vision at Beco is to make architecture transparent, revealing use patterns and dynamics in real time,” said Tom Zampini, CEO. “We have created an entirely new data stream, one that will allow users to understand and optimize building operations, reduce costs, and increase quality of life for occupants at the same time.”

The Serraview/Beco integration provides tools for corporations to capture space utilization data, visualize it, and act upon it. The process starts with Beco Beacons, the world’s first light-powered, battery-free iBeacon sensor that can be deployed in minutes and uses existing light fixtures as an unlimited power source. Once deployed, Beco captures building occupancy data at a single person, single room resolution that is live streamed into Serraview’s workplace management information and displayed on interactive floor plans, allowing employees to find free conference rooms in real-time. Workers can easily find a meeting room or a colleague in seconds using a kiosk, projected floor plan, or a smartphone app. This technology provides a modern employee experience and supports an agile work environment.

In an effort to reduce real estate expense, organizations are increasingly moving away from dedicated desks and implementing agile environments with unassigned work space. This technology integration helps facilities staff optimize those environments by visualizing how employees are actually using space. The system drives corporate office space planning decisions that make spaces more productive and collaborative, validates the effectiveness of spaces, and informs future space fit-outs.

“The Beco partnership is an exciting addition to Serraview’s Universal Utilization Platform that pulls together multiple sources of utilization data,” said Ian Morley, Serraview’s Head of Product Strategy. “Our pilot implementations have shown that Beco can provide useful insights into how efficiently conference rooms are being utilized, helping companies to right-size their meeting spaces. For example, learning that rooms designed for 12 are often used by groups of 2 or 3 can drive a decision to reconfigure the space into multiple smaller rooms.”

The beauty of the systems’ integration is its ease of implementation: just clip the Beco Beacon to an overhead light fixture, activate, and start viewing actionable intelligence in Serraview’s flexible and user-friendly tools.

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About Beco
Beco leverages existing lighting and mobile devices to provide real-time, hyper-localized data on how people use and interact in physical spaces. Our light-powered beacons and cloud-based analytics solution enables enterprise systems with location intelligence to power on-demand retail and smart buildings. More information is available at

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