Serraview, the leading provider in workplace optimization solutions, announced today the integration of Beco, the premier indoor location and workplace analytics platform, to its workforce enablement mobile app, Serraview Interact.

“Introducing the power of Beco to our already robust workforce enablement app completely changes the way in which employees will experience their workplace,” says Stephen Macnee, CEO of Serraview. “The combined solution delivers mobile workplace productivity tools for the workforce and space utilization and collaboration insights for management.”

Serraview has embedded Beco’s SDK into its mobile app, Serraview Interact, in order to activate Beco’s real-time utilization data of shared spaces – saving employees critical time searching for free spaces like common areas, desks and meeting rooms.

“By seamlessly connecting people to physical spaces, Beco activates real-world experiences indoors while making it easy to capture space utilization and collaboration insights,” says Tom Zampini, CEO of Beco. “Serraview’s robust workplace management platform is a smart choice for any company looking to future-proof their workplace and empower their employees.”

Serraview Interact with Beco is an easily deployable package that can have an organization’s building online in weeks not months. All in, the combined app, also empowers CREs to better understand what shared spaces are being used most via heatmaps and can plan future designs based on this information.

To learn more about the integration or to see a demo, contact us today >>