SUMMARY: Serraview, leading workplace management solutions provider, and Current, powered by GE, announce a technology partnership and will demonstrate their new integration this week at the 2016 LIGHTFAIR International conference in San Diego, CA.

NEW YORK, NY—April 26, 2016—Serraview, a leading provider of workplace management and utilization solutions, today announced a partnership with GE’s energy startup, Current, powered by GE, to enable smarter buildings.

As part of the collaboration, near real-time occupancy data from Current’s lighting sensors and intelligent LEDs are paired with data from Serraview’s cloud-based workplace management platform to help businesses better visualize their space utilization and make smarter decisions on real estate needs. The collaboration also saves employees time navigating a building by turning on real-time wayfinding tools.

How It Works

Sensors in Current’s intelligent LEDs scan building spaces and send real-time insights on what rooms and offices are being used to the Serraview workplace management system. Serraview’s kiosk and mobile apps then use this data to provide just-in-time wayfinding tools for employees, helping them find available desks and conference rooms.

The same data pairing and analytics will be used to help real estate departments understand and visualize space utilization to make better space-management decisions.

Serraview’s business analytics tools, including high-quality visualization tools such as charts and heat-map floor plans, allow corporate property teams to compare space allocations to measured workplace utilization. Interactive workplace management tools allow for quick right-sizing of space allocations and detailed relocation plans to support space optimization as well as the move to agile working environments.

Today, intelligent LED infrastructure can be a gateway to tremendous energy savings and the conduit to better space utilization. This collaboration solidifies that, allowing businesses to make intelligent, data-informed decisions on their real estate needs and enhancing employee productivity at the same time.

John Gordon, Chief Digital Officer, Current powered by GE – LinkedIn

Serraview’s mission is making buildings work for people. Integrating with the technology from Current, powered by GE, supports that mission by enhancing our ability to accurately measure space utilization. Lighting technology from Current combined with Serraview’s interactive workplace management tools, becomes the built-in toolkit for saving real estate spend, providing a modern employee experience and supporting an agile work environment that leverages best-of-breed technology.

Ian Morley, Chief Evangelist, Serraview

The two companies will demonstrate their new integration for the first time at 2016 LIGHTFAIR International, the world’s largest architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, April 26 – 28 in San Diego, CA.

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