Concerned about workplace management cloud data security? Watch this video to learn how Serraview keeps your data secure.

Hi, I’m Samual Annis-Brown and I’m a Senior Systems Engineer here at Serraview. I work on a global systems security team that looks after all of Serraview’s data centers in the US and in Australia.

One of the questions about cloud data security we get asked most from our clients is:

How does Serraview keep your data secure?

It’s really a complicated question. One of the most important things about cloud data security is the data center in which we house your data.

Vendor selection at Serraview is something that’s taken very seriously. We only house data in some of the largest and most reputable data centers in the world. All of these data centers are redundant from the network down to the storage level.

On top of that, in each region we have multiple data centers in geographically dispersed locations to ensure that data is fully available at all times.

Ensuring cloud data security is one of our top priorities. To do this, we have monthly automatic penetration tests that are conducted against all of our global infrastructure. The results of all of these tests are analyzed closely by our internal engineering security team.

On top of these automated security tests, every year we have independent third-party providers that also conduct their own penetration tests on all of our global infrastructure to ensure it remains up to date and secure.

Another question about cloud data security that we get asked frequently is:

What are Serraview’s SLAs (service level agreements)?

Serraview has 99 percent uptime on all our global infrastructure for all of our clients. We have a dedicated team that will respond to alerts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We respond to even the most minor alerts in our data centers to ensure that instances are kept up and that we meet our SLAs.

Another question about cloud data security that we get quite frequently is:

What kind of certifications does Serraview have?

Well, Serraview has a lot of security certifications across all of our global infrastructure, ranging from ISO 27001 to SOC compliance, to having our entire information security policy globally based off the Australian government’s Information Security Manual (ISM).

The Information Security Manual is one of the most stringent and perhaps one of the most well-respected compliances in the world. Serraview is very proud to have met all of the requirements for ISM compliance for the third year running. All of our global infrastructure meets that compliance, even though in many other geographical regions it’s not a requirement.

Our cloud data security policy is something that we’ve built upon from ISM, from ISO and even from our clients. It’s something that we strive to adhere to.

Thank you for watching. I hope this information has been useful to you.

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