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4 Reasons Why SVLive Is a Go-To Technology for Office Space Utilization

Here are four reasons why CRE leaders can rely on SVLive when planning office space utilization.

Ian Morely

By Ian Morley

Real-time utilization data from badges and sensors has opened up a new frontier of possibilities for optimizing workplaces. With SVLive, Serraview has found a way to create a powerful IoT sensor from something every office already has: your WiFi network. SVLive leverages basic WiFi technology to track transformative data on how employees use your space.

Modern corporate real estate (CRE) is focused on creating work environments that are employee-friendly and collaborative, in addition to cost-effective and productive. But understanding how much space you need and how well it supports the work strategies of employees can be challenging across large workplace portfolios, especially with traditional space systems that are updated manually.

Today, utilization data reveals the supply and demand for space down to the minute, informing real estate decision-making while connecting employees to a real-time view of their workspaces. This allows organizations to plan around peak utilization instead of traditional capacity, while also making it possible to optimize Activity Based Workplaces; flexible environments where employees share a diverse setting of spaces for different types of projects.

SVLive makes the advantages of utilization data more powerful and accessible than ever before, enabling smart offices without installing a single sensor. Here are four reasons why SVLive is a solution corporate real estate (CRE)  leaders can rely on to improve their bottom lines and elevate their employee experience.

#1: Cost-Effective Space Utilization Software

Most IoT devices, like badges and sensors, have the associated costs of hardware. This hardware is increasingly affordable and effective, but can add up when deploying large numbers across portfolios that span millions of square feet. 

SVLive requires zero hardware -- it's purely software designed to convert your WiFi network into IoT sensor technology. This makes SVLive one of the most cost-effective solutions available for tracking IoT data. As a software solution, SVLive can also be updated easily without any replacement costs for outdated hardware.

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#2: SVLive Ensures User Privacy and Security

SVLive is not only accessible to any company that uses WiFi, it’s also incredibly secure. SVLive cannot access any personal data, it can only read what device is connected to the network and where that device is, ensuring that your privacy is protected. This is because SVLive operates under a very simple principle, which is simply using your WiFi network’s ability to recognize which devices are connected to it and how far away they are.

What’s more, SVLive only works on approved networks within your organization, and only with computers that have SVLive activated on them. So an employee at home or at a local cafe remains well outside of the networks view, and companies can also elect to blackout any areas from SVLive. Once in the network, SVLive only shares a very narrow set of critical information: which device is connected to it, where that device is, if the users is active/away, and who the user is. Any information beyond that is outside of SVLive’s capabilities, because it’s outside of the simple information that WiFi network communicate with devices.

#3: Deeper Insights and More Powerful Metrics

SVLive captures and analyzes real-time data about employees in a particular space at any given time. To compare, although badges are also a lower cost option, they only provide information about what floor an employee has visited, not necessarily where or when they’ve exited. Digital calendars are another common source for utilization data, they are unreliable, providing information about who is meeting and where, but not who actually shows up.

SVLive also provides heat maps and powerful metrics on space efficiency to support CRE decision-making and help planners optimize their property portfolios. This information may reveal a conference room that regularly sits empty and may be better used as a repurposed collaboration area or transformed into individual work stations. It could provide statistical insight into departments that regularly interact and may need to sit in closer proximity to each other than what is allowed in the current layout. And at the highest level, SVLive can reveal vast opportunities for eliminating waste by pin-pointing underused space across your entire portfolio.

#4: Elevate The Employee Experience in Real-Time

With SVLive’s ability to pin-point locations of individual employees anywhere, organizations can deploy Serraview workforce enablement tools to empower employees to navigate buildings and locate colleagues in real-time. You can, for example, see how many members of a team are on a given floor or view meeting room availability not only through booking data, but by who is actually present.

In this way, SVLive unleashes productivity and reduces wasted down time by making it easier for employees to find the people, spaces, and resources they need to complete their daily projects.

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